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Eco Technical Ceramics was born from the assets of Vernaware Limited, a vacuum former founded in the 1970s. A management buy out was affected in February 2006. The manufacturing facility remains in Bolton, UK and occupies the same purpose built factory that Vernaware had moved to in 2002.

ETC has vacuum forming facilities that are able to create products from a few centimetres big to over a metre in size. Our board production unit can manufacture thicknesses of up to 200mm in sizes 1000 x 610 mm.

Machining is performed in ETC’s fully equipped workshop where tolerances of ±2mm are regular requirements, but where we are also capable of achieving ±0.5mm.

ETC also manufacture a full range of refractory adhesives and mastics to complement our products.

ETC packages and transports product around the world. We have to ensure that the items are well packed and suitably protected for their journey. We have worked closely with packaging and transport companies to arrive at the best solutions for our fibrous insulation products.

We like to think that we named our company according to what we stand for:

Eco – because we provide economical insulation solutions to energy consumers, so helping our ecology by reducing energy loss

Technical Ceramics– because our products are capable of operating at up to 1700 ºC and are supported by our team of professionals with over 100 years combined experience in fibrous insulation products.

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