VecoForm vacuum formed insulating shapes can be supplied to the exact specification that is demanded for your application. Operating at temperatures up to 1700 C.

Product Summary

Typical applications include:

 Roller blocks

 Flue liners

 Burner blocks

 Transfer launders

 Gasket shapes

 Boiler components

 Starter tubes

 Flue liners


VecoForm shapes are available using insulating fibres with a wide range of chemical and physical properties. Combined with several different binder types and a comprehensive machining and post treatment service, the correct VecoForm Vacuum Formed Shape is available for your application.


VecoForm products provide excellent thermal insulation, resistance to thermal shock and are lightweight , easily worked and resistant to attack from corrosive chemicals with the exception of hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and concentrated alkalies.

VecoForm photo

A selection of VecoForm shapes.

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