VecoPLas 1000ml applicator

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ETC’s range of VecoPlas mastics are available to suit a range of applications and application techniques.

Product Summary

Features of VecoPlas products

· Available in a range of container sizes

· Hand operated and pneumatic applicators available

· Colour coded for easy identification

· Non-corrosive formulation

· Good shelf-life

· Premixed for convenience

· Bio-soluble grades available

· Temperature ratings upto 1600˚C

Text Box: VecoPlas is the name for the range of mastic products manufactured by ETC.
Mastics of several consistencies are available as standard, each with its own distinct properties. VecoPlas F and SF are standard all purpose mastics for general patching and sealing; VecoPlas LS and SFLS are specially fomulated to give free flow characteristics making them ideal for pumping; VecoPlas HS and SFHS are stiffer mastics with excellent resistance to molten aluminium. VecoPlas SF, SFLS and SFHS are 1260 ˚C grade non-classified fibre mastics.

VecoPlas Premixed Mastics

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